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Analysis of information disorder  within the context of Nigeria’s economic policies


Information disorder is increasingly distorting economic and political space  across the world. Nigeria’s economic policies are among the most highly  criticized in Africa and this is partly because it is the largest economy. This  situation has implications for the country’s political space as social and political  protests against regimes are often based on their respective economic  performance. The aim of the study, therefore, is to examine the determinants of  information disorder within the context of two economic policies in Nigeria. A  qualitative content analysis approach is utilized based on the position of the  country’s constitution on how the economy should be run. A descriptive and  inferential analysis was carried out on the data obtained through content  analysis. The conclusion of the study is that already held views with regards to  how an economy is run and opposition against the ideological position of the  country’s economy mainly account for how much information disorder the  country experiences about its economy. The study, therefore, recommends  that existing regulatory authorities should make clear the ideological position  of the country to the public well enough to clear the air about the direction of its  economic policies at any time.

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